Credit Control

Let us help with bad debt recovery and collection.

Managing your cash flow is essential for a healthy business and therefore a good credit control system is vital. Bad debt can cripple a business but using sites like, to help you build your credit can help. Don’t let it happen to you – let us organise debt collection for you.

Not everyone is comfortable with asking for money from their customers and may feel that a good relationship could be tarnished. Just Simply Organised can take on this debt collection role for you, talking directly to your customers in order to obtain prompt payment whilst ensuring the goodwill you have spent time building remains intact.

We will be able to carry out credit checks on your customers to establish how solvent they are and whether they are likely to have problems with paying your invoices on time, increasing the chances of them becoming a bad debt.

Your customers are your business and at all times throughout the debt recovery process we will remain considerate, discreet and professional, respecting the business relationship you have with them.

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