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The RTI clock is ticking…..

February 18, 2013 by Lyn Lulham

On 6 April 2013, HMRC is changing the way that employers have to report payroll information. It must be filed online on a weekly or monthly basis instead of by annual return – and there are significant penalties for non-compliance.


The rules apply to everyone


The new system applies to companies that have employees who earn less than the Lower Earnings Limit or are paid on a casual basis or annually. Even if you are one of the 20% of SMEs that don’t use a computer, you are still required to file your returns online at the appropriate times or face penalties.


Are you ready?


There is more to being ready than simply buying or updating your payroll software – some of the essential action needed BEFORE 6 April is the cleansing of your payroll data to ensure all records are accurate and complete, collection of extra data required by RTI and ensuring that you’re registered for PAYE Online. The first return, a ‘Full Payment Submission’ will then need to be made and going forward you will need to ensure that every payment of earnings is reported on or before the date of payment.


JSO clients can rest easy!


We have invested in the new software necessary to be compliant with Real Time Information and will deal with every aspect of RTI for you, ensuring as minimal disruption to your business as possible.


Do you know of anyone we can help?


We would like to help as many businesses as possible with RTI and as such, we’re offering new clients a 20% reduction on the payslip cost for the first 3 months.


And existing clients who refer someone new to us are eligible for a voucher – details on our website.



Penalties Re: Late VAT Returns

February 13, 2013 by Lyn Lulham


VAT Returns are due on 28th February!


HMRC have recently launched the ‘VAT Outstanding Returns’ campaign as an opportunity for you to bring your VAT Returns and payments up to date – you will need to submit them online and make any payments electronically. The campaign is targeted at businesses that are registered for VAT but still have one or more returns to complete.


HMRC will be pursuing as many as 50,000 businesses that have been identified as not having made a VAT Return by the due date and they may carry out checks into your tax affairs or use legal powers to get detailed information about your business and its finances.


Submitting your VAT Returns by 28th February will ensure that you face lower penalties than if you don’t come forward voluntarily. By not completing and submitting your VAT Returns by the due date, you run the risk of:


  1. Surcharges and penalties on top of the VAT you already owe
  2. HMRC estimating what you owe, which may result in you paying more than is actually due
  3. A criminal investigation into your business and its finances


Just Simply Organised are here to help! If you have any business colleagues or contacts that may need assistance with their VAT returns, please tell them to get in touch today.


Just Simply Organised Team

Are You Ready for RTI?

December 24, 2012 by Lyn Lulham


Are you ready for Real Time Information?

In April 2013, HMRC is changing the way that employers have to report PAYE.

What’s changing?

Real Time Information requires that your payroll information must be filed online on a weekly or monthly basis instead of by annual return. This information will be linked to the new Universal Credit system of benefits, so your employees should be made aware of this when the time comes. This applies even if you have employees on your payroll who earn less than the Lower Earnings Limit or are paid on a casual basis or annually. 

Can JSO still provide my payroll service?

We have invested in the new software necessary to be compliant with Real Time Information and will support you through this change to ensure as minimal disruption as possible. To process your payroll, we will need your employees’ full details, so please remember to use the New Starters Form on our website to ensure that we hold the complete and correct information for all new employees.

What do I need to know now?
We will be contacting all our clients to provide information about the Real Time Information change so make sure you look out for our correspondence.


There are several important points to note:


A specific filing date will be issued to everyone running a payroll – it will be impossible to deviate from this date and there will be penalties involved for non-compliance.

Once the payroll has been filed, no alterations will be possible.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and if you know of anyone who would appreciate learning more about our payroll service, please ask them to contact us at info@justsimplyorganised.co.uk.



Just Simply Organised new client area on website

July 13, 2012 by Lyn Lulham

We have just added a new page to our website for password protected client login. This will be an area where we will putting various forms/downloads for our clients to make life easier in the running of their business. At the moment it has some payroll forms in pdf and word documents which can be filled in and sent back to us via the website. We will be adding to these documents on a regular basis so keep checking to see how we can help you in other areas.

 In order to obtain your personal login details, please call the office and we will then email them to you. Once you login the first time you can change the password to a more memorable one for you and don’t worry if you forget it as it is very easy to obtain a new one!

News from Just Simply Organised: Anne-Marie

July 3, 2012 by Lyn Lulham

It was with great sadness that we bade a fond farewell to Anne-Marie last week as she set off on a new adventure. She has moved to Northamptonshire with her partner as his firm has relocated to the area. They have just bought their first property and moved in at the weekend.

 Anne-Marie had been with us for nearly two and a half years  and it has been a great pleasure to work with her. I am sure all who know her will join us in wishing her the very best of luck in her new life.

 At the same time we are very excited to welcome Suzanne to JSO and she will be starting on Monday and taking over the payroll from Anne-Marie plus some of her bookkeeping clients. Claire, who has been with us for a number of years, will take over the other clients and we will, of course, inform everyone who will be dealing with their records.

Electrician’s Tax Safe Plan

February 23, 2012 by Lyn Lulham

As with an earlier blog advising on the Plumbers Safe Tax Plan, HMRC are now focusing on electricians, investigating tax underpayments and allowing electricians time to come forward to HMRC with any tax irregularities. According to HMRC an electrician is anyone who:

  • Installs
  • Maintains 
  • Tests     electrical systems, equipment, appliances.

Individuals affected must notify HMRC by 15th May 2012 of their intentions to take part either online, by phone or by post.

Disclosure must then be made and any unpaid tax paid by 14th August 2012.

A ‘penalty calculator’ has been provided by HMRC to allow tax payers to calculate the level of penalty due.

Business Record Checks….Update

February 23, 2012 by Lyn Lulham

HMRC have now announced that business record checks are to be suspended until the new tax year 2012/13. From this point forward they will be implementing a new approach to the checks.

This comes after the pilot program of some 2,437 visits up to 4th January 2012 found inadequacies in around 28% of business checks. Additionally a further 11% had issues serious enough for a follow-up visit.

HMRC will continue to visit businesses already booked and also any follow-up visits. New business record checks however, will be undertaken in the new financial year.

Further information will be reported once HMRC confirm the start date of the newly revised business record checks. HMRC have announced that when the program re-launches it will initially be looking at businesses that are considered to be of higher risk of keeping inadequate records.

Faster Payments Service

January 23, 2012 by Lyn Lulham

HMRC are now accepting faster payments since 16th December 2011 using the Faster Payments Service. You should check with your bank beforehand to ensure this service is available to you and whether there are any daily limits on the amount that can be paid.

Self-Assessment Return Reminder

November 17, 2011 by Lyn Lulham

Please be reminded that the 31st October 2011 deadline for paper returns has now passed. If a paper return is sent in on or after 1st November 2011 a penalty of £100 will be issued automatically regardless of whether there is tax to pay or your tax is paid on time.

Register with HMRC’s online service by 21 January 2012 and your self-assessment can be done online. For more information please refer to HMRC’s website using the link below:

HMRC – Self- Assessment Reminder Information

If you have any questions, we at Just Simply Organised are ready and happy to help.

Email Tax Scams – Be aware!

November 17, 2011 by Lyn Lulham

Over the coming months HMRC will be contacting taxpayers regarding PAYE tax bills. HMRC want taxpayers to be aware that emails may be sent out from scammers claiming to be from HMRC advising them that they are due a tax rebate. Typically they may then ask the taxpayer to provide personal details.

HMRC have stated that if a taxpayer is due a rebate they will only ever be contacted by post. HMRC will never contact customers by telephone, emails or the use of outside companies. If you have any questions, we at Just Simply Organised are ready and happy to help.

For more information please refer to HMRC’s website using the link below:

HMRC – Email tax scam information

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